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Downloadable extensions are supported starting from visone 2.7. Extensions require the correct version of visone to work.

The software is under constant development. Updated versions with bug-fixes and new features will be provided when they are available. Please notice also the disclaimer.

installing extensions

Copy the downloaded JAR file, eg. visone-nlp-2.7a.jar, into your .visone configuration folder, located in your home folder (Linux, Windows, and MacOS). Then start visone, go to file → options... → extensions and click the "detect" button. If the appropriate "activate XYZ" checkbox is shown, installation was successful; make sure the box is checked. Click "apply", then close and restart visone.

removing extensions

Delete the JAR file, eg. visone-nlp-2.7a.jar, from your .visone folder. Then start visone, go to file → options... → extensions and click the "detect" button again. The associated "activate XYZ" checkbox(es) should now disappear. Close and restart visone to complete the uninstall.

NLP extension (text network creation)

The visone NLP extension enables visone to create CRA and WNA networks, as well as crawling the link structure of websites. It adds a new "text" tab on the left-hand control panel.

When using the NLP extension, you may want to enable the built-in TEXT button extension by checking "activate TEXT button" under file → options... → extensions, adding a "TEXT" button in the toolbar that allows backtracking to the original text.

The visone NLP extension is released under the GNU GPL, version 2.0 or, at your option, any later version.


The NLP extension uses the following libraries:

Stanford Lexicalized ParserGPL 2.0
Stanford POS TaggerGPL 2.0
OpenCSVApache 2.0
TagSoupApache 2.0







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