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Note: the selection tab is no longer part of the visone GUI. Methods to select and filter elements are provided by the attribute manager.

The selection tab is a convenient way to manage selections in visone, complementing node selection dialog, link selection dialog and the attribute manager.

A selection overview is shown at the top of the selection tab. The table displays:

  • name: a name/value that is associated with some nodes or links
  • nodes: the number of nodes associated with this name/value
  • links: the number of links associated with this name/value

Directly under the overview you find three buttons:

  • add: is used to add those nodes and links to the selection overview, which are currently selected in the network (the associated name will be the name of this selection); alternatively yon can use add to selection in the node context menu or link context menu
  • remove: is used to remove the nodes and links associated with the highlighted name from the selection overview (but not from the network!)
  • remove all: is used to clear the selection overview

At the bottom of the selection tab additional categories can be expanded:

  • add from attribute: is used to add all node/links to the selection overview, mapped on the values of the selected attribute
  • store to attribute: is used to store the selection overview as a text list into a new node and link attribute, i.e. all values associated with a node or link are stored in a text list for the node/link

At the very bottom of the selection tab you find a button to invoke the attribute manager directly.