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creates (another) tab in the visone window, containing an empty unnamed network (shortcut: Ctrl+n)


opens a file browser, allowing to load an existing network from a supported network format (shortcut: Ctrl+o)


enables random network generation

create copy

creates a copy of the active visone tab


saves modifications to the network or proceeds to save as if network has never been saved yet (shortcut: Ctrl+s)

save as

opens a file browser, allowing to save the active visone tab as GraphML file (.graphml)


opens a file browser, allowing to export the active visone tab to a supported network format or supported picture format


opens a dialog listing available printers


opens the visone option dialog

reset dialog positions

resets the position of currently opended dialog boxes

recent files

the 4 most recently saved or loaded files are listed and can be directly reloaded into a new tab by clicking them


terminates visone, after prompting to save modifications