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The animation window is activated by clicking the animation button Animation.png in visone's toolbar, located next to the collection manager button Collection manager.png.

It provides an animated view of the evolution of the network collection that was set as active in the collection manager. The name of this network collection is displayed in the header of the animation window.

The number of networks in the collection is shown at the bottom right, together with the position of the current network.

At the bottom left you can set the animation speed, i.e. the duration in seconds (0 to 10; default 5) to animate between to network states.

There are four different ways to animate:

  • play button: starts an animation from the current state until the end (can be stopped with the same button)
  • backward button: animates from the current state to its predecessor
  • forward button: animates from the current state to its successor
  • jump to: when entering a position at the bottom right, pressing enter will animate from the current state to the target state directly