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A network collection is a set or sequence of several networks that belong together, e.g., by building a longitudinal network. The collection manager is activated by clicking the collection manager button Collection manager.png in visone's toolbar, located next to the animation button Animation.png.

  • create collection: adds a new collection to the collection overview in the upper left
  • delete collection: removes the highlighted collection from the collection overview
  • set as active: selects the highlighted collection from the collection overview as the one to work with (see animation and RSiena)

  • available networks: shows all networks that are currently opened in visone
  • networks in collection: shows all networks that are assigned to the highlighted collection
  • add/remove: are used to reassign networks to collections; the order of adding defines the order of network states in the collection

  • name: is used to (re)name the highlighted network collection
  • identifying attribute : is used to identify nodes in different networks with each other

Basic application scenarios related to network collections are explained in the tutorial on network collections and dynamic networks.