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Custom zoom factor percentages are 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 300, 400 and 800. These can be selected directly in the visone toolbar.

Manual zooming can be done via the mouse wheel. Predefined zooming possibilities are:

zoom in

zooms to the next larger custom zoom factor (shortcut: Alt+i)

zoom out

zooms to the next smaller custom zoom factor (shortcut: Alt+o)

zoom 100

zooms to default 100%, used for newly generated empty tabs (shortcut: Alt+1)

fit network

zooms (in or out) to fit network into tab (shortcut: Alt+t)

fit all networks

collects coordinates from all tabs and applies common zooming to fit all networks into their tabs based on these coordinates



can be used to refresh the view manually (shortcut: F5)

draw multi-links

can be used to switch between drawing multi-links separately or graphically condensing them to a single link (shortcut: Ctrl+m)

clear background

can be used to clear all background information (such as contour lines), that is not related directly to a single node or link


One of the following interaction modes is always active. You can use the mouse wheel in any mode to zoom in/out at current position. All modes have in common, that

  • right-click on background enables zooming to selected nodes, if selection is non-empty
  • otherwise, right-click on background enables in, out or fit network zoom, as well as paste operation

analysis mode

(shortcut: Ctrl+2)

  • left-click on single node or link to select
  • hold left-click on background and move, to select all nodes and links within a rectangular region
  • press Crtl while selecting to combine multiple add operations
  • left-click already selected node or link holding Crtl to remove from selection
  • you can also move all currently selected nodes and links, applying drag and drop to one of them

edit mode

(shortcut: Ctrl+1)

  • node creation: left-click on background
  • link creation: left-click on source node and then on target node
  • link+node creation: left-click on source node then on background to create target node
  • bend link: click on edge or existing bending point, hold an move