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data format

A link list is a line by line enumeration of dyadic information. Cells within each line have to be separated by the same delimiter (semicolon, comma, colon or space).

Specifically, the first two cells contain the identifiers for the source and target nodes, while all other cells contain link attribute values. The first line of a link list might specify labels for the different cells.

Example (semicolon as delimiter, first line contains labels):


data import

Network data stored as link list in a .txt or .csv file can be read into visone via the menu file, open. In the file open dialog choose files of type link list files (.txt, .csv) and select the appropriate file in the file browser.

Clicking on ok opens an import options dialog. You have to specify, whether the first line contains cell labels and you have to select the appropriate cell delimiter, which was used to separate different cells within single lines. The textframe field has only to be taken into account, if you want to use the chosen delimiter within any entry (i.e. the textframe tells visone to include a delimiter as part of an entry instead of staring a new entry). If you are not sure about which settings to choose, select file view to have a glimpse at the content of the file.

visone's link list reader is very fault-tolerant and tries to read as much as possible. New nodes and attributes are created on demand. Lines without at least two cells are ignored.