Geographic Mapping

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In geographical networks the layout of nodes can be determined by some geographic coordinates.

The geographic mapping allows the representation of geographical networks, whose node positions are characterized by longitude and latitude, over the corresponding map.

The main features are:

  • map nodes: positions based on two node attributes (longitude latitude) using mercator projection
  • update map: download a map from the selected open street map provider and map it on the background (internet connection required)

If just the nodes should be mapped, e.g., without redownloading a new map, then "update map" can be deactivated.

Several map styles and different levels of detail can be selected by the user.

Communication network:
9 students at the University of Konstanz living in the Bodensee region and communicating during the semester break

Example Data

The communication network of 9 students at the University of Konstanz during the semester break: