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The R console tab enables to send network data from visone to R (using the igraph package) and vice versa. Refer to visone's option dialog to get more information on how to set up the visone R connection.


  • r name: defines the name of the igraph network variable in R that the visone network is assigned to (by default this is the name that was assigned to the network in visone...)
  • send active net: send the network from the active visone tab to R, creating an igraph network variable with the specified r name (this will open the console, if it has not been shown yet)
  • show r variables: refresh the overview of network objects that are available in R (shown below the refresh button)
  • load selected net: load the network object that is selected in the overview from R to a new visone tab (the name of the network will be the name of the R object; the asterisk reminds you, that it has not been saved yet); alternatively you can double-click on the according network object in the overview
  • show console: this button is used to (re)show the console without sending a network


There are three tabs displaying different messages regarding the R connection:

  • visone: all messages that originate from visone
  • user: all messages that originate from user input in the console
  • all: both, user and visone messages

At the bottom of the console you find the

  • input field that can be used to invoke any R commands
  • close button that closes the R console window (but not the connection to R)

please note that whenever you want to install new libraries or load installed libraries and do not use the default library location, you have to give it as a parameter:


library(sna, lib.loc="C:/R-libs")


install.packages("sna", dependencies=T, lib.loc="C:/R-libs")

where lib.loc has to be set to the library location configured in the R connection setup.