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This trail illustrates how to send network data from visone to R and back. The R project for statistical computing offers a rich set of methods for data analysis and modeling which become accessible from visone through the R-console. We assume that you have installed the R connection as it is explained in the installation trail.

To follow the steps illustrated in this trail you should download the network file Egonet.graphml which is linked from and explained in the page Egoredes_(data). Further you should remove all ties that are not rated as very likely in the same manner as it is explained in the last section of the visualization and analysis trail.

Sending networks from visone to R

To send the network from visone to R go to the R_console_tab, assign a name to the network in the textfield r name (you might just accept visone's suggestion for this name, which should be Egonet), and click on the send button.

Basic statistics about an igraph object