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The NLP tab contains the visone Natural Language Processing functionality which can be used to create networks from text written in a natural language (usually English).

The NLP tab is not shown by default. In order for it to be enabled, visone must be started with the command line option

-e de.visone.nlp.NLPExtension

If texts with long sentences are to be processed, it is furthermore desirable to add -Xmx1g to prevent visone from running out of memory during network creation.

In addition, the files englishPCFG.ser.gz and left3words-wsj-0-18.tagger should be downloaded from the Stanford Natural Language Processing Group's website and placed in the visone working directory. This will allow centering resonance analysis and word net analysis to work without explicitly specifying a parser or tagger file (see below).

centering resonance analysis


word net analysis


crawl link structure


crawl text