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Right-clicking on a link opens the link context menu.


If only one link is selected while invoking the link context menu and a link attribute is used as label (see configuration of attributes for more detail) you can control its visibility and value:

  • edit label can be used to quickly change the label value
  • hide label can be used to hide the label
  • show label can be used to show a hidden label

For several selected links the label visibility can be controlled by invoking the link properties dialog through clicking on the last menu entry (properties).

edit operations

delete links

same as links menu, delete links

direction and confirmation


can be used to quickly reverse current directions of select links, make them undirected or make them directed


can be used to quickly change confirmation status of selected links

templates, selections, properties

apply template

modifies the appearance of all links in the current selection according to the template that has been chosen in the link templates dialog

add as selection

adds currently selected nodes and links as a new selection in the selection tab, enabling quick reselection of these items later

properties dialog

opens the link properties dialog